SEO Content Guide 2018


SEO is constantly evolving, like Google and other search engines keep changing their rules, thus SEO in general needs to adapt.

SEO in today’s world is not as simple as it was a few years ago, not even just a day ago. You’ll soon realize that all the month’s effort put into SEO your website is doing really well, BOOM! it hits, and there’s a slump. Why?


The reason is because Google has updated an algorithm…


So it’s vitally important for any business to have a dedicated professional to manage your SEO and marketing in general. Because such drastic with out notice changes that occur, can dramatically impact your company’s revenue.


Therefore from a practical standpoint from what we have noticed performing really well in terms of what people are demanding is video content.


When you take a look at video related search engine queries on both fronts (e.g. Google, Yahoo) “video” keeps popping up. And the sites that feature video content are emerging the biggest winners, and found first by a prospective customer who wants to buy your product and service.


First come, first serve. Those at the top of the search results are where your prospective buyers go to. People are generally lazy by nature, and so the results on the top are the gold pots they toss their coins in. I mean who wants to sit hours searching the first sets of 20 pages of listed results when I as a customer want something NOW!


Taking that analogy into perspective really does serve to benefit your business goals, because it serves to remind you that there is competition out there whether you like or not, and those at the top are getting the gold, and you’re not.


The next underline factor creeping up from the woodwork playing a predominant factor is voice search

Ever use that feature of Google’s before?


Notice that picture of the microphone next to the search bar?

It’s very significant these days, because people find it easier to talk to Google than punch in letters, again, people are generally lazy. It’s a lot less effort to spout words than actively concentrate typing.


Don’t believe me? Check the trends data


Now here comes the trick with this new semantic algorithm


What these algorithms are programmed to do now, is to take results into context

Keywords that were previously stuffed and repeated sounds rather retard and so you have this factor

For instance; Coffee is an enjoyable beverage served hot. Coffee is also easy to make, bean coffee not so much. Coffee is coffee and coffee just makes my coffee world go around like my round coffee table.

So now the new changes are looking at something like so;

Coffee is an enjoyable beverage served hot, and is so easy to make. It is a little more difficult than espressos. 


The algorithms pick these things up now, and are looking f[or content that sounds more human and not like a really strange paragraph with a limited vocabulary.



The changes that are taking place is stepping up from from the days of old SEO methods where AI, machines and algorithms are now becoming more “human” and answering us on more human terms than just simple machine talk.


To really get the edge over your competitors you need to buck up your strategy and try “if possible” to increase your budget for good quality SEO.


Keep in touch with us, and we’ll form the perfect content strategy for you and your company 😉

About the Author

Gina Smirnov

Gina Smirnov is a copywriter and business consultant at Bizdyne Marketing Firm. She has worked in the marketing world for 15 years, during most of her time in the corporate world she has been marketing lead and a digital marketing consultant. Readers tend to regard her as a Fiona Rossiter or even a Natalie Roos.